Sunday, June 10, 2007


Summer is most definitely here. You can tell by my ever improving sanity, growing list of books that I've read, pages and revisions to my novel added, and overall muscle tone. This is why one shouldn't take classes in the summer. You need time to read books of your choice, write without worry about workshops or deadlines and see friends while sitting out in the sunshine not worrying about the time. All of these things are beginning to happen and I'm taking more and more pleasure in each.

I just finished Giovanni's Room by James Baldwin. It was very moving. An excellent portrait of very complex characters in Paris in the 1950's. A gay man struggling with his desires vs his desired identity. My only real complaint was the role women took in the novel. I recognize the time it was written in, and even that men may not say the most enlightened things about women in this era. But I would think the one main female character might describe herself as more than just a girl following a man. Hella is independent and goes off to Spain to think about what she wants from her life and her relationship. She spends months there and comes back only to find that she, as a woman must be at a man's side to mean anything to society. Anyway, I recommend the book with slightly blek misogynist reservations.

As for a more active summer, Plosk and I have been rock climbing steadily for a few weeks now. This past Thursday I did my first 5.9 which was incredibly exciting. Today we're going again with a group of great people and I'll try some more. Rock climbing is forcing me to push my body in ways I never have. My upper body strength is improving each time I go as is my technique. With volleyball a less common occurrence lately, rock climbing has stepped in to be a wonderful sport to get into. People of all ages, lots of women, and many different ethnicities. I never thought of rock climbing as even a pastime I would be interested in, but some how, along the way I have become obsessed.

In the past few weeks Plosk and I have planned our trip to Seattle, Vancouver and British Columbia. We are, as I've been saying, auditioning it as a possible place to live when we are both done with our grad degrees. But with the opportunities for theater, non profits, technology and the great outdoors, I can't help but feel already like a part of me belongs there. New York has been a great home, but I yearn for something different, something unique, and Seattle (one of the top 5 humane cities according to HSUS) seems to be an inviting location. But we shall see. We'll be spending a few nights in the suburbs, 5 nights in Seattle itself, 2 nights in Victoria and 3 nights in Vancouver. I'm excited for the possibilities.

As for writing, it has been going very well. Some new research I've been doing has helped my characters immensely. And I feel on target again, where for a long time I felt almost unable to work on something that has become so large.

Now, I should shower and get ready for the day. It's Sunday and gray outside, but bright and inviting all the same.


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