Thursday, June 21, 2007

Plantar Fasciitis

Last week I coached at a volleyball camp for high schoolers. That by itself was exhausting because I continued to do my regular job in the evenings/early mornings. But Plosk and I need the money for what will be a very expensive summer. We are redoing our kitchen- as anyone who has done it knows, requires lots and lots of money money money. Then we're going to Seattle/Vancouver/Victoria for 2 weeks. Being away from home for that long also requires money. So I took one for the team and coached. It was fun but also time consuming and frustrating. Why frustrating? I hurt my foot and being the idiot that I am, I continued to beat it up by being active on it 4 days after it was initially hurt. The result: I'm limping, icing, stretching and anything else to get this thing gone. I want to rock climb. I want to jump and play. It's summer. And I'm a gimp for the next week or so. It is getting better now that I'm laying off it and taking better care. But it still takes time to heal.

While I've been healing, I've been reading an excellent book called "Another Country, Navigating the Emotional Terrain of our Elders." It is excellent research for my book and by far one of the most enlightening sociological books I have ever read. Not that I've read many, but this book has given me so much insight into a world I had only ever seen from the outside.

It has helped me to understand my grandmother, and the elderly in my life in general. I recommend this book to anyone of any age that can read. It opens you up a whole other culture you may have known nothing about.

Besides for the reading, writing, and working, (and being gimpy), we are also in the final stages of our kitchen. We have a date, we have a style, even a potential floor. All we need now are counter tops and a sink. Hooray!

Now back to writing I go- real writing, not me yapping:)


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