Sunday, August 26, 2007

The kitchen, our holiday and the impending doom of the school year

The summer has come and gone not with a bang but more with a whimper. Although good things have obviously taken place, (they always do no matter how blah things seem) it hasn't been the restful exciting summer I had hoped for. June was full of planning and the beginning stages with what turned out to be a long painful injury. The planning was for our kitchen, our lovely kitchen that was hell to plan but feels great to be in now, took a ton of time and was often more than frustrating. Try ripping out hair and wanting to throw things at the wall frustrating. My Dad said to me, if only one or two things go wrong, consider yourself doing well. It's true that only a few things went wrong but it didn't feel lucky. However, it's done and it looks great. I get more and more excited thinking how much our place will one day be worth because of all we have done to it. Two or three years and it will be time to vacate this place and look for an actual house. One with a backyard and a couple acres of land, a garden and oooh, dare I dream, a library/craft room. Anyway, tangent.

The injury that came during coaching got better with some RICE and got ten times worse after walking all over Seattle. I was left barely able to stand. Now with physical therapy, a big bionic foot brace to wear while sleeping, lots of rest and my handy dandy cane, I'm back on my way to foot health. It won't be tomorrow but it will happen in the next few months. I'll be able to climb again and enjoy the things I love- vball, running around...walking at all. Time will heal, slower than I'd like, but it will happen all the same. And until then, Plosk will continue to be very supportive and feed the kittens at 6am and put my ice away. Thanks Plosk.

Our holiday was lots of fun. We stayed with Gary's cousins (now my cousins too:)) We visited Seattle, Victoria and almost Vancouver. By Vancouver my foot was so bad we had to bail and head back down to Redmond. That turned out to be a blessing in disguise. We got to spend more time with our wonderful family, relax and let me foot heal. I'm bummed we didn't see Vancouver, but thrilled as can be that we spent more time with the Schirmers. If only they all could have been combined and we could have spent time in Vancouver with the Schirmers with my foot in good health. That's what is called groundless fantasy.

We did have a nice holiday. Redmond and Woodinville were beautiful, Seattle less impressive, and Victoria delightful. We sped around on bikes in Canada and ate good food, did a little shopping and mostly read to each other outside surrounded by water and beautiful architecture. I'm skipping a lot of specific details, all of which are swimming though my mind, but I can't quite slow down to capture nearly everything that happened. It was a odd holiday, but good all the same.

Now we're back home, back to work and back to our really messy apartment that has gone through the first stages of cleaning today. In a few weeks, class will start as well as vball coaching, the auction and the semester for my student program at work. Hopefully healing will also be in the cards and some quality time with P. As much as we spent a whole holiday together, it doesn't feel like were able to spend as much time as we would have liked. Sadly my injury seems to have impacted everything. Health is something one always takes for granted. Even a cancer alum like myself.

So is that really all that happened this summer? Kitchen, injury, holiday, home? Kinda yeah. Some writing as well. A bunch of reading. Movies. Traditional things I do anyway. But as far as anything out of the ordinary, I'm a little lack luster at the moment. I'll write more on or trip in a day or two, mostly because I'd like to remember things although they might be a smidge dull to read. But since when have I cared about a reader in this blog:) But to remind myself, on the next blogs agenda are P's cocaine habit, SmokingLily, FareStart, veg food in Seattle, mini golf, religion in His Dark Materials and more...


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