Monday, November 27, 2006

It's Over

On Wednesday the auction I've been working on for just about three months finally ended. I felt such relief watching it close. The phone calls, the chaos, the constant emails are now finished and I can focus on my primary project. I helped raise a bunch of money for an incredibly good cause and now have that experience under my belt. Fundraising is an all mind body consuming process that I don't envy. The people who do it have drive, ambition and persistence. I did it for three months, and feel like a great calm has swept through.

This holiday weekend I read about 200 pages, wrote a good number of pages, saw 4 movies. Yes that's correct- 4! Actually 5 if you count the one Plosk and I watched at home yesterday. On Wednesday night we saw "The Queen." It was excellent. Superb acting, and a large dose of undemonstrative love...yep, it reminded me a lot of my mum. On Thursday, I went to Jersey with my family while Plosk drove up to CT. I then spent the evening alone in a highly productive fashion. Friday night a few hours after he got back to NY, we met up with Jacek to see "The Fountain." Plosk loved it. I liked it. However the acting was fabulous. Hugh Jackman really put himself out there and officially made me a Jackman fan. Not that his other work hasn't been good, but this reached a different level of emotion.

On Saturday morning Plosk and I caught a matinee of "Little Children" done by the same director who made "In the Bedroom." "Little Children" was interesting but not amazing. I won't say too much more. If someone wants to see it, I say go for it, but I don't recommend running out and seeing it if you weren't already inclined.

Later that evening we headed into the city to meet Steph and had dinner at my new favorite restaurant Candle Cafe. All I can say is I wish I could fit one of their chefs in my pocket. Their food is so scrumtious and Joy and Bart are just about the best hosts anyone could ask for. It's very tangible when someone loves what they do and feel that kind of devotion. They share it with all around them and send good vibes into the atmosphere. To top off an already wonderful evening, we saw "The Nightmare Before Christmas" in 3D (not 2D:) 3D) Plosk had shown me the film and I liked it. I appreciated the story and songs that were to become a very sweet part of our relationship as I'm sure it has for many others. But to see it in 3D, the detail just felt so real and so beautiful. I would highly recommend seeing it this way. I'm not sure anything else can compete.

Then Sunday we relaxed, hung out, and stayed in. We watched a documentary about Walmart- you know the one, "The High Cost of Low Prices." It was interesting but I didn't feel very well done. Perhaps they pulled out the sentimental card one too many times or didn't have enough faith in me as a viewer, but the film never strayed beyond it's own agenda. It could have made a larger statement about big business, about tyrant corporations or tied the problems that exist within Walmart to other problems, but they stayed inside their bubble. I can understand that, but it made the film lack context.

Tomorrow, I hand out 120 pages to my class. I'm home from work today feeling pretty blah. Hopefully by tomorrow morning I'll be back to my chipper self. Yep, I said it, chipper.

So hoorah for a great weekend filled with movies movies movies, reading and writing and quality time with my fam and Plosk. It was after all a much needed few days off.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Lost that feeling

A comment was made to me about the nature of my blogs- that they have become pretty ho hum. And I'll agree, my blogs are a bit boring and more about day to day life than any attempt to be creative with words or structure. Not that I ever put that much effort into it, but I used to care just a bit more. Since I have started writing every day again I no longer feel the urge to put down my own life in a blog. I do it more because one day I know it will be interesting to look back and see where I was back in November of 06. But the truth is my novel is my outlet and while working on it so much, I see my blog as a bit of a time sucker. This is excellent. It means my mind is focused on one thing and one thing only. I have no room for another medium. So I do apologize if my blogs lack zest. But at least know that I am writing something I value a great deal.

Now for the sake of what's happening...

Coaching ended and playing began. I joined a club team that practices in Chappaqua. My skills aren't nearly as honed as they used to be, and I'm no longer used to 6 people on the court. It feels rather crowded. But I will get back into it and I have our fabulous setter from the slc team participating with me. So, enough coaching- I'm onto playing.

The auction I've been working on is up right now and I check it like I'm obsessed. It came together quite well and I'm very happy with it.

As for work, it's going slow but well. I'm feeling a bit of frustration I didn't know was there. Perhaps after this long going full speed on two huge projects I just need a break. A definite big break. I'm looking forward to England for just that reason.

And in my mind I'm trying to figure out where I'd like to go on holiday next year. I'm thinking of a good 2 or 3 weeks is in the cards. I have to desire to go somewhere I've never been but also a place that is nothing like any place I have already been to. Perhaps Hungary or Prague. Or maybe Vietnam. I don't know. But as much as I love the good ol' standards, France, Spain, Italy, and the common western european countries are out. I want to try something I've never done. My Dad and I went to the city yesterday and we counted how many countries we have each been to. He was in the upper 40's! I've only been to 14. I think for my age that is pretty good, but in my life time I'd like to travel as much as my Dad or more.

As for my afternoon with my Dad, he took me to Gobo, one of my favorite veg restaurants in the city, then we bought kitten toys and dog food, and simply walked around the west village enjoying the afternoon. I don't think my dad and I have ever just went out in the city for no good reason. It was very fun and gave me some much needed down time.

Now, I will go back to reading a novel manuscript for class. Have I mentioned I adore my workshop...