Monday, February 25, 2008

Whine Whine

Over the last maybe 5 months, my eyes have felt tired, sore, and give me headaches. I’ll steer clear of computers, tvs and books for a few days to try and give them time to rest and they start to feel better. I wear my pseudo glasses when reading or writing and they help in bits but if I have a few heavy days of staring at my computer, the pain comes back and I’m left with one big headache.

This wouldn’t be so bad if I could go outside and walk around. I could easily find things to do with myself that don’t include looking at a screen or page if my feet were fully healed. But alas, that’s not the case. I’m still lame and in the last week my feet have gotten a little worse. They just need some rest and they’ll continue to get better again. A trip to lord and taylor with my mom set them back – idly walking around or standing around is probably the worst thing I can do for them. And yes, this is the same foot injury I had last June. And no it hasn’t gone away fully yet. It’s much better. If you just looked at me walking on the street, you wouldn’t know it. I don’t limp anymore but I still can’t jog and am limited to boring bike riding at the gym. Complain complain complain. Yes, I started writing this post with the intention of complaining. Poor me. Bah.

Good stuff. Good stuff. Let’s see. My book is coming along wonderfully at this point. I’m working daily, ironing out wrinkles and hopefully will have it ready to send to agents this summer. Plosk is ultra busy with plays during his final semester in grad school and I’m writing a good deal of the time so our schedules are working out pretty flawlessly. We’re both really busy and loving what we do. And then we get to spend nice time together. I couldn’t really ask for me.

Now, if my head would just stop hurting so I could relax, life would be a little easier. It’s hard to read 200 pages of some one else’s novel for class when your eyes feel bulgy and give you pain in your forehead. But that’s what must be done, as well as work, which frankly also focuses on a lot of computer time. Yes, three paragraphs of whining and one of good stuff. No my life isn’t 75% bad like the ratio of this post suggests, but my mood is kind of low so that’s what’s going to come to come out. Better stop here so the ratio doesn’t drop down to 80/20.