Sunday, May 18, 2008

Farm Sanctuary Gala 2008

Last night Plosk and I attended the Farm Sanctuary 2008 Gala. A black tie event hosted by Heather Mills and Melissa Rivers. Also in attendance were Russel Simmons, Kevin Nealon, Rory Freedman and oh so many more fantastic compassionate people. Held at Cipriani's down on Wall Street, the event was an incredible success.

There is nothing like sharing a meal with hundreds of like minded people. Being in a room with others who devote significant portions of their lives to help make the world kinder and safer, makes you feel like you're a part of a real community. You also feel appreciated for what you do. At least I did. So many times in daily life people scoff at good deeds, or question why you would choose not to do something simply based on ethics. It seems that trying to cause the least amount of harm around you, is a quality to make fun of. But not in a room full of Farm Sanctuary supporters. There, you are thanked and praised for your hard work and for helping a movement larger than just one person, larger than one farm animal. It's about 10 billion farm animals in this country who are tortured and die each year, all to sit on a plate. Why don't I eat meat? Because no one has to die for me to live. I eat tasty healthy foods. Why do I run Or teach humane education in the city? Or help high school kids campaign for animal rights? Why do any of it? Because it's a cause worth devoting my time to. It's a cause that is linked to social justice issues, environmental protection, and health. It's about violence not being tolerated, and teaching others that those who can't defend themselves shouldn't be killed just because we can. Just because it's easy or tasty. A life is worth more than a human's fleeting pleasure.

How far must human beings advance before we can look at animals as sentient beings we can coexist with? No one needs to eat an animal to live and live well. Yet, it's still done. Events like last night feel like being refueled. I've been given a dose of activists super happy drug. They make you feel proud to make a positive difference in the world, instead of living in the day to day selfishness that consume so many lives.

Plosk wants to visit Farm Sanctuary. I get chills even thinking about it. The man I married gets it. Understands the suffering and wants to help. It makes me immeasurably proud to be with him. And I can't wait to go to Farm Sanctuary together, maybe with another friend or two, and meet first hand, the animals we help to save.