Sunday, April 08, 2007

Farm Sanctuary Benefit

Last night Plosk and I volunteered at the Farm Sanctuary Benefit at the Jivamukti Yoga School right next to Union Square. We arrived at 4pm and didn't leave until close to 1. And because it was a yoga studio, we did not wear shoes for the vast majority of the time we were there. Now, this would be fine since it's a yoga studio but we were in the other areas which meant we did everything for 8 hours barefoot on concrete. Yeah, ouch. We arrived and helped move things, set up the auction, and other random jobs. When the night really started, Plosk and I were stationed at the bar. Yes, you heard right: 1 total non drinker and one very small portions once a blue moon drinker were in charge of the bar. Wine and beer! That's what we served to the likes of Hallie Kate Eisenberg, Martina Navratilova, and others I'm sure I didn't recognize. My boss was there, as well as half the board, and other people I work with. I got to introduce Plosk to a larger number of people and meet many that I've only heard about but never actually spoken to.

It was a massively busy, exhausting, feet hurting, wonderful event. Next time perhaps I'd like to be in a cocktail dress, but it was very nice to volunteer and even nicer to volunteer with Plosk. I would never have thought that he and I would ever be bartenders together. But it was a new experience for the both of us. And a way in which we've never worked together before.

We also got to leave with 2 lovely gift bags, and an auction item that I won! A beautiful painting on wood of a lamb. Not bad.

Now it's Easter which means I will go and spend time with my Nan down in N.J. Neither Gary or I are into the Jesus/love/resurrection but it's a nice day to eat with family. But before that I'm going to lotion my poor feet that seriously want to fall off:)