Sunday, June 26, 2005


So months upon months of stress and fretting has finally ended and began a new chapter. We have moved into our new apartment. At the age of 23 I co-own a co-op. 7 months ago the idea of a boyfriend was far beyond my imagination let alone living with one and purchasing our very own apartment and planning trips for the next 2 years. I honestly thought I'd be doing some of those things including living with my best friend but never to such an extreme. We transformed and now I get to live with - really honestly share my life with- Plosk who has remained my best friend and has become my partner. Nice how life works out some times.

We have many projects lined up for the summer. These include painting, tearing up carpet and purchasing bookshelves. A home to me isn't a home unless there are plants and books. Right now my books are caged in the closet, suffocating in cardboard. Plants will also come soon. Lori's mum has many that she wants to give us.

Plosk is lying on the couch with a hurt ankle. Last weekend at his surprise 3oth birthday his mom, stepmom, and I planned he rolled it twice while walking down some stairs. This was after playing volleyball. Alas. He is quite poorly at the moment. Pain is very frustrating.

I'm sitting feeling like a lizard in this heat trying to use as little energy as possible. All I can say to my friends is, you are all welcome at any time. We have plenty of extra space to sleep- as in 4 extra places for crashers. Please come and enjoy it. And if you like to play board games, and possibly have some wine or milk, you are even more welcome here.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Bewitched Part 2

On Monday night my dad and I left the house at 5:30 in order to drive into the city and attend the premier of Nicole Kidman's new movie "Bewitched." It was surprisingly cute. I had seen the trailer the day before which gave away a great deal of the plot so I wasn't expecting to see anything the trailer hadn't already told me. Happily I was wrong. The jokes were unique and at times very funny. It's wasn't a great movie, but it was a nice little romantic comedy.

The best part of the evening was attending with my dad. He recalled that the last movie he and I went to see solo was Men in Black II down in Annapolis. Hmm. More than a few years ago. We arrived very early so ended up getting a drink across the street(me a cranberry juice and him a soda) and then heading back past the red carpet and photographers to go into the theatre. Free popcorn, soda, and water for everyone. The unique thing about going to a premier is that the audience is comprised mostly of the people who worked on the film. No one is star struck. And no one speaks through out the entire film. There is random applause and cheering but all is done with complete respect. For the audience, this film is a product of months of work. They show it.

After the film we headed to the after party in the tents at Lincoln center. I will say at this point that I chose the wrong shoes to wear. Stella McCartney is my favorite designer for shoes- obviously because she's the only high fashion designer to use all man made materials. I had worn them to the city a few times before and had never had problems. That was with cool weather with stocking on however. I wore these with nothing but my skin and 90 degree humid weather. Oh my goodness. The pain. When we arrived I would limp along the street and as soon as we would be walking by the photographers and people at the premier, I would resume my confident walk and ignore the pain until I could limp again. The party was beautiful and there had to be about a thousand people attending including many famous faces. Two of the lesser famous but most intriguing to me were Barbara Walters (I wanted to thank her for donating 10 million dollars to my school) and the guy from Reading Rainbow and Star Trek simple because he's a childhood memory.

My dad and I drank, ate, and did a few laps around the party enjoying the atmosphere. It was nothing like PM or Marquis or Bungalow or any other A list club I had attended. And no one was hitting on anyone either. It was very refreshing. You simply came to show your appreciation and celebrate the hard work it took to create the film.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Mind Breaths

My friend Jon and I took two years of writing together. We've both read a great deal of each others material. And we both enjoy the same kinds of themes. Example: He was a big fan of Pillowman and Shockheaded Peter as well. We just caught up a bit on the phone and something I needed to hear from another writer was told to me. Something I told myself I would never need to be reminded of however it appears as if I was wrong.
So here they are:

1. Enjoy yourself. It should be fun.
2. There are no rules. Make it whatever you want it to be. There are no restrictions.

Two seemingly brainless pieces of advice that I had let go of as soon as the thought of starting a novel began. Don't write for perfection or for an audience. Write because you find it necessary and to let your mind expand, to "breathe" as Ginsberg would say. How did I let these details escape me? I'm not sure. However, I am more than ready to stop putting pressure that whatever I write has to be perfect, and that it has to be as good as a final draft. No one can live up to that kind of expectation.
Moving into the new place will be excellent for me. I'll be able to have privacy, comfort, and exist outside of a familiar domain. It is long overdue. And I know that starting next Wednesday, the real work that has to be done will begin, and I'll be able to enjoy myself writing again. Thank you Jon. I feel rejuvinated and comforted. All I can do is write how I see the world, even if it does tend to be "creepy" as it has been called by many a person.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Bewitched Part 1

This evening I am going to the first movie I've been to in years with my Dad. He and I are heading into the city at 5:30 to attend the premier of Bewitched. And when I say premier, I don't simply mean a screening. It's going to be red carpet and all. Now I've done similar things in the past, hung out with celebrities and been to clubs, but that all was related to modeling. This is going to be thoroughly entertaining because I'm not going with club owners or other model friends to be a part of the scenery, I'm simply going with my dad to hang out. And he's the one getting me in. And this is odd simply because friends of mine are usually asking me to get them into places like this. I'm not a model going to a premier. I'm a daughter going. It's nice to get in somewhere because your dad invited you, rather than because Jagger might find you attractive. Takes some pressure off.

After Bewitched we're heading to the after party at Lincoln Center which should also be a great deal of fun. And which I'll probably mention tomorrow in a follow up post. Good times.

Monday, June 06, 2005

The Weekend

So, this had to be one of the most relaxing weekends I have had in a good long while. Plosk was in Texas so I had little to no excuse to laze about. I played cards with Lori and Mer, I packed some boxes, cleaned the bathroom, bedroom, and living roomish area, as well as made banana bread, wrote parts of my hope to be book, ran suicides, did crunches, and took a dip in the pool. Oh yeah, and then hung out with Plosk when he got home, playing football(american style), making dinner, and attempting to stay inside by using all human strength to lay him on the tempur in a violent manner. Despite my best efforts, we went out to the food emporium which was then closed. All turned out well as we went to Walgreens and got a heating pad for his sore chest, and my odd heel.

Besides for some unfortunate hiccups on Saturday night and a failed trip to the Turkish Baths, I would say that this is one of the best weekends I've had in a while. Granted, friendships have been causing me some troubled thoughts. But perhaps that's for a different time. Fact is, I needed the time alone and was very happy to reflect in my own company. And was just as happy when Plosk returned. We aren't as productive as we should be when we're together so the bit of time away allowed me to get to some things I had been neglecting. I think this will change when we live outside of the basement. In fact, I'm sure of it.

More packing will be needed in the next few weeks. 16 days until move in day. Breakfast on the deck, going antiquing and lovely lovely things to come.